Sponsor Youth

Champion Their Success.

You have the power to make a lasting impact on a young life and inspire the youth of Central Florida rise to their highest potential. Your donation will be awarded to a student in need of a Summer Youth Program  scholarship. In addition to experiencing an incredible summer of professional development and career exploration, your sponsor will gain the encouragement of knowing that someone is cheering for their success and believes in their potential enough to personally invest in their future.

Our Summer Youth Program offers three college and career readiness programs, designed for students and young professionals ages 16-19 who are beginning their college and career journey. Each program features exclusive access to industry training, professional internships, campus tours, and other helpful resources, to ensure that no student has to make their journey alone.

We’ve created exciting sponsorship opportunities for Central Florida businesses interested to make a lasting impact on a young life through our Summer Youth Program. Every student deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve their greatest potential. With your support you can help spark their interests and guide them to a brighter future.

You can make a difference.  Your financial investment is vital in helping to shape the lives of youth to take them from learners to earners. No gift stays closer, or goes further.


Shaping Our Future Leaders


2021 Sponsorship Opportunities Coming Soon



2021 Summer Youth Program Platinum Sponsors