Board Representative Application

Board Representative Application

CareerSource Central Florida

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The CareerSource Central Florida (CSCF) Board of Directors is comprised of a dedicated group of community leaders engaged in CSCF’s mission of helping create talent solutions that ignite the potential of individuals and businesses in Central Florida. Through valuable insight and expertise, Board Representatives provide strategic guidance as the non-profit organization focuses on increasing economic self-sufficiency and prosperity for Central Floridians. We invite you to learn more about how you can make a positive impact in the community by joining the CSCF Board of Directors.


Background: As Florida’s second largest regional workforce board, CSCF is state and federally funded and delivers complimentary career and business services to the residents of Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Lake and Sumter Counties. CSCF’s volunteer Board of Directors includes a minimum of 19 Representatives appointed by the Central Florida Area Workforce Development Consortium (Consortium) and reports its outcomes to the State.


Board Composition: The composition of the CSCF Board consists of:


  1. Business Seats – a majority of the CSCF Board must be business representatives defined as: owners of a business, chief executives or operating officers of businesses – business organizations to include chambers, industry associations, or other business executives or employers with optimum policymaking or hiring and/or decision-making authority.


  1. Mandatory Seats


  • Labor/Apprenticeships Seats – no less than 20% of the CSCF Board must be representatives of the workforce in the local area. May include representatives of community-based organizations.


  • Education Seats – the CSCF Board must include representatives of entities administering education and training activities in the local area.


  • Government/Economic/Community Development Seats – the CSCF Board must include representatives of economic, community development and governmental entities serving the local area.


In addition, CSCF makes an effort to ensure the diversity of the Board itself, including a commitment to inclusion of minority populations and gender balance.


Application and Approval Process:


  1. Business Seats:
  • Business representative seats require county approval.
  • Applicants are placed on a waiting list until a business representative seat becomes available.
  • When a business representative seat opens or is scheduled to open, the respective county is notified and recommendations are forwarded, along with nomination letter, to the county.
  • Once county approves, the business representative is submitted to the Consortium for approval.


  1. Mandatory Seats:
  1. When a mandatory representative seat becomes vacant, its respective organization provides a nomination.
  2. The mandatory representative is submitted to the Consortium for approval.


Term:   Once approved, Board Representatives serve a three-year term. This term may be shorter if the new Board Representative is replacing a former Board Representative. They may be reappointed to serve up to eight consecutive years (with a 2nd term of three years and 3rd term of two years).  **The term for a representative of a government entity is unlimited.


Time Commitment:  Serving on the CSCF Board requires a commitment of time, with an estimated minimum of 2 hours per month including board meetings, membership on one committee, training, reading and preparing for any additional optional activities.


Board & Committee Meeting Times:  Board meetings are held approximately five times during the fiscal year at various locations within the region. Committee meeting schedules vary and are usually held at the CSCF’s administration office.


Government in the Sunshine: CSCF is subject to Florida’s public records, ethics, financial disclosure and open meeting laws.


To be considered for appointment to the CSCF Board of Directors, please complete the attached application and return to CSCF.  Applicants from businesses must attach a letter of nomination from a Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Council, or local business organization.


Programs funded through CSCF are equal opportunity programs, and auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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When this application is completed and filed with CSCF this application is a public record under Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes and is open to public inspection.