Training & Upskilling

Cultivate Your Team

CareerSource Central Florida provides employee training solutions to employers of all sizes and industries. From apprenticeship program development to on-the-job training, we offer solutions to meet the current and future needs of organizations.


The work-ready team you’ve been looking for is in your own backyard. Apprenticeships are designed by and for employers with a specialized focus on the unique needs of a specific job.

This “earn as you learn” method is gaining ground in traditional and non-traditional industries alike. It’s a cost-effective way to save on future recruiting costs.

New Hire Training

Since on-the-job experience is the most valuable, our programs train new hires in their actual work environment. You’ll reap the added value of being reimbursed for a portion of the employee’s wages during training.

Existing Employee Training

State and federal grants enable us to customize training programs to match the specific needs of your business to make you more competitive. It also makes your employees more engaged, productive and committed to your company.

Fostering Opioid Recovery through Training and Employment (FORTE)

Stop the opioid crisis by training your HR team and employees on how to identify and support employees who may be impacted by opioids.

We’ll cover the cost of training. Limited spots available. Learn more.

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