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Welcome to CareerSource Central Florida’s new podcast Boldline, hosted by Pam Nabors, President & CEO. This podcast explores the pressing talent issues impacting workers and communities today. Through interviews with business luminaries, workforce experts, and forward-thinking innovators, Pam and guests examine new perspectives shaping the labor market now and in the years ahead.

Packed with actionable takeaways, Boldline delivers insightful dialogue and big thinking for anyone with a stake in the future of work, including organizational leaders, HR & talent strategists, policymakers, career counselors, and individual employees navigating it all. Join us as we connect game-changing ideas to real-world impact with some of the brightest minds driving workforce transformation.

You can listen to Boldline and our previous Job Launchpad episodes here on our website or in your favorite podcast app.

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Jun 11, 2024 Episode 6

Balancing Professional Goals & Personal Well-Being

Guest: John Crossman, Founder & President, CrossMarc Services

John Crossman is one of the most well-known and respected real estate minds in the country and the founde...

May 21, 2024 Episode 5

Empowering Black-owned Businesses in Central Florida

Guest: Tanisha Nunn Gary, President & CEO, African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida

Tanisha Nunn Gary, President & CEO of the African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida, sh...

Apr 17, 2024 Episode 4

Tourism as a Catalyst: Orlando's Economic Impact

Guest: Casandra Matej, President & CEO, Visit Orlando

Casandra Matej shares her extensive experience in the hospitality and tourism industry, her path to leadi...