Going West For Opportunity

Training Completion Success in West

Jesus is a career seeker who successfully completed an internship program with CSCF in 2012. Because he has a criminal background, and it proved too much of a barrier to his employment search in Central Florida at that time. As a result, he moved out of state to try his luck elsewhere, and subsequently lost touch with his CSCF team.

Well, as fate would have it, Jesus returned to Florida and walked straight into the West Orange Career Services Center in the hopes of getting assistance with training. After a few consultations, CSCF was able to work with Jesus to determine his needs and motivation for training, and set him on a path where he would succeed.

Jesus was in tears at the registration appointment and explained how this will change his life.  He thanked his Career Services Consultant, and stated, “I will not let you down.”

Jesus now has obtained his CDL Class A license, and is very eager to get to work.

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