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Welcome to CareerSource Central Florida’s (CSCF) Job Launchpad, a talent solutions podcast that ignites potential. Join our host Pam Nabors, CareerSource Central Florida, President & CEO as she interviews subject matter experts in the community who offer insightful advice on topics such as careers, talent and recruitment needs of businesses, labor market and overall workforce landscape. Discover how to start your career journey, advance your skills and explore career possibilities. Analyze the labor market and talent needs for your business.


Full-Length Episodes

Season 3 – Career Journey Insights

E22: Developing a Bold Workforce Vision: With Tadar Muhammad, COO of CareerSource Central Florida

In this episode, Pam welcomes Tadar Muhammad, not only as a podcast guest but also as the new Chief Operating Officer at CareerSource Central Florida. Tadar shares his journey from growing up on the south side of Chicago to his impactful career in workforce development. The two discuss the transformative power of workforce initiatives, the importance of community partnerships, and the vision of being bold in their approach. From personal anecdotes about music preferences on a deserted island to the broader impact of their work on the Central Florida region, this conversation offers a blend of personal insights and professional aspirations. Join Pam and Tadar as they delve into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for CareerSource Central Florida.

E21: Being a Successful Workforce Leader: with Tamara Atkinson, CEO of Workforce Solutions Capital Area

Tune in as Tamara Atkinson, CEO of Workforce Solutions Capital Area (Texas), joins Pam Nabors, President and CEO of CareerSource Central Florida, for a conversation about the challenges and opportunities that come along with being a workforce leader. Tamara shares what she appreciates both personally and professionally about Austin, Texas and how her role as a leader has changed and expanded over the past few years. Tamara discusses her educational background and career trajectory, and the importance of having a mentor. She also reveals the economic forecast for her region and the current tension between employers and job seekers.


E20: Technology and the Workforce: With Steven Nguyen, VP of Innovation & Technology, CareerSource Central Florida

Steven Nguyen, VP of Innovation & Technology at CareerSource Central Florida, joins the podcast to discuss how he got started in the technology field and reveals some of the biggest technology changes that have impacted the workforce. Discover the need to upskill the workforce to ensure digital proficiency and why cybersecurity has become a top priority for employers. Steven also shares why he is bullish on AI as a powerful tool and provides advice for anyone interested in potentially pursuing a career in technology.

Episode 19: Building a Career with The Walt Disney Company: A Conversation with Jody Wood, VP, Recruitment & Talent Management

In this special Career Journey Episode, Pam Nabors, President and CEO of CareerSource Central Florida, is joined by Jody Wood, Vice President, Recruitment & Talent Management, Disney Parks, Experiences & Consumer Products. Jody provides an overview of her responsibilities and reveals the breadth of career opportunities available within the Walt Disney Company. Jody also discusses how Disney is navigating post-pandemic challenges and what she appreciates most about the partnership with CareerSource Central Florida.

Episode 18: Leading a Crisis Communications and Reputation Management Firm

In this episode Pam Nabors, President and CEO of CareerSource Central Florida interviews Sara Brady, Founder of Sara Brady PR. She discusses the work that she does helping organizations with crisis communications and crisis management. Sara reveals how she got started in the public relations field, and what she enjoys most about it. She also discusses pivotal moments and challenges in her career.

Episode 17: Digging up Resources for Businesses: A Conversation with Gaby Ortigoni, President and CEO, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando

In this special Career Journey Episode, Pam Nabors, President and CEO of CareerSource Central Florida is joined by Gaby Ortigoni, President and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando. Gaby discusses her role as President and CEO of the Chamber, and what she likes best about the work that she does. She also reveals why she wanted to become an archaeologist when she was growing up and shares advice for anyone looking to overcome challenges and succeed.

Episode 16: Reflections from a Successful Radio and Broadcasting Career: With Voice Artist and MC Wayne Weinberg

In this special Career Journey Episode, Pam Nabors, President and CEO of CareerSource Central Florida, is joined by former radio broadcaster Wayne Weinberg. Wayne reveals how he broke into the radio and broadcasting industry, and what he learned from challenges he faced along the way. Wayne also shares stories about some of the famous people he interviewed during his time as a broadcaster and how he draws inspiration from a former world leader.

Episode 15: Workforce and Labor Market Trends

Tune in for this special episode of Job Launchpad as Pam Nabors, President and CEO of CareerSource Central Florida, shares insights about current workforce and labor market trends. Pam shares insights about the impact of the Great Resignation on the regional economy, the limits of automation as a solution to labor market challenges, and why employers should connect with their local workforce boards.

Episode 14: Turning Your Skill into a Business: A Conversation with Diana LaRue, President, Appleton Creative

In this special Career Journey Episode, Pam Nabors, President and CEO of CareerSource Central Florida is joined by Diana LaRue, President and Creative Director of Appleton Creative, as Diana shares how and why she founded her company and what she likes best about her work. Diana also reveals how she pivoted from wanting to be a social worker to becoming an artist and shares advice for anyone looking to break into graphic design, public relations, or marketing.

Episode 13: Navigating Career Transitions and Overcoming Obstacles: With Eric Jackson, Managing Principal, Omega Group

In this special Career Journey Episode, Pam Nabors, President and CEO of CareerSource Central Florida, is joined by Eric Jackson, Managing Principal of Omega Group USA, as Eric discusses his childhood career aspirations and how he ended up in his current career. Eric also shares insights and tips for entrepreneurs, and how to overcome obstacles to success.

Episode 12: Richard Sweat, CEO of .decimal, on Discovering his Passion and Founding a Manufacturing Business

In this episode, Pam Nabors, President and CEO of CareerSource Central Florida, is joined by Richard Sweat, Founder and CEO of .decimal, a medical device manufacturer that makes patient-specific devices for cancer patients receiving radiation therapy. Richard reveals what he enjoys most about his work and how he first got introduced to the field of radiation oncology. He also shares advice for anyone thinking about a career in manufacturing.

Episode 11: A Conversation with Mike Fazio, CEO of Workforce180

Tune in for a conversation between Pam Nabors, President and CEO of CareerSource Central Florida and Mike Fazio, CEO of Workforce180. Mike shares the highlights of his career journey and what he likes best about his work. He also shares advice for anyone looking for a new job or career opportunity.

Season 2

Episode 10: Finance 101

Now’s the perfect time to review your financial choices to ensure a more successful 2021 and beyond. This episode we’re joined by Valerie Moses from Addition Financial to discuss financial literacy, best practices, and how to avoid common mistakes. For more informational resources and financial insight from Addition Financial, please visit their website:

Episode 9: The Spirit of Giving

2020 was a year like no other! December’s episode of Job Launchpad is here to help spread some sunshine throughout the holiday season. This month’s podcast features local leaders and elected officials sharing inspiration and resources for our Central Florida Community. Join us as we share our favorite holiday traditions, reflections on 2020, and unique local resources for this holiday season and beyond.

Episode 8: Mind, Body, Resume

Th second episode of season 2 features insights on how to strengthen your mind, body, and resume. Join us for a discussion with Marni Stahlman, President and CEO of the Mental Health Association of Central Florida, Gabrielle Tafur, local dietician and nutritional expert, and Leslie Mizerak, an inspiring career coach, as we discuss how to overcome stress and anxiety over the coming months.

Episode 7: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Emerging Markets

Season two kicks off with an interview with Blake Thomas, CEO of Corkcicle, and Valda Coryat, CMO of Trulieve. The pair offer valuable insight into how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted their businesses’ supply chains and customer experience, and the changes they made to adapt. Listen now to hear Blake and Valda’s thoughts on the importance of communication, the retention of high quality talent, and how the pandemic spurred innovation within their companies.

Season 1

Episode 6: CSCF Summer Youth Program – Training Young Adults for Meaningful Careers

In this episode, you’ll hear from Jason Lietz, Director of Youth Programs at CareerSource Central Florida, as he discusses how we help train youth for meaningful careers. Discover both the summer youth program and the year-round youth programming and the services available for young adults across Central Florida.

Episode 5: An Internship May Be Your Best Bet

Educational Training, Mentorship, Employability and Future Workforce are some of the most related words that highlight the value of an internship to both an intern and to its employer or a business. In this episode you’ll hear a wonderful example of a paid internship program overseen by Florida’s second largest regional workforce board, CareerSource Central Florida.

Episode 4: Workforce Training in Communities

Senator David Simmons joins the program to discuss how Florida’s approach to job training has pivoted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and reveals the positive changes that have come from these challenging times. Senator Simmons also shares his thoughts about what needs to happen in order to help rebuild the state and regional economy, and how the government can support businesses.

Episode 3: CARES Act – What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus Relief Fund

Florida elected officials Senator Vic Torres and Congressman Darren Soto join the program to discuss updates about the CARES Act, and the support that is available for job seekers and businesses

Episode 2: COVID-19 – Impacting Communities and Lifestyles

Greater Orlando Sports CEO Jason Siegel discusses the impact that COVID-19 has had on sports, and the impact of sports on the economy.  He also shares his thoughts on how to reopen sporting events in a safe manner.

Episode 1: Full Virtual Work – Dealing with the COVID-19 Disruption

Executive Coaching and Speaking Consultant, Dan Cockerell, discusses how work is changing due to the COVID-19 disruption, and the challenges and opportunities of those changes.

Community Awareness Series

Episode 4: Online Still Matters – Get tips for updating your LinkedIn profile

Jenee Christian of the Department of Economic Opportunity stationed at CSCF reveals how to improve your LinkedIn profile and shares resume writing tips.

Episode 3: Interviewing – Top 10 tips on successful virtual interviewing

How does a virtual interview differ from a face-to-face interview? And what do you need to keep in mind when preparing for a virtual interview? Russell Vickery, Business Service Consultant/Recruiter at CSCF, shares tips about how to have a successful virtual interview.

Episode 2: Opportunities – Who’s hiring and how can you connect to a job

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption in many industries, there are employers who are looking to hire during this time. Karl Allen, CSCF Southeast Orange Career Center Manager, reveals how you can connect to employers and a job.

Episode 1: What to do if your job is impacted during the COVID-19

Gina Ronokajiro, CSCF Osceola Career Center Manager, discusses what you can do if your job has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resources available.