10 Tips for Landing a New Job in 2021

Male job seeker in an interview with employers

The job market in 2021 looks different than it has ever looked before. COVID-19 has changed the way we work, where we work, and how we look for work. If you are planning to land a new job in 2021, you are going to need to shift your strategy. 

Here are ten tips for landing a new job in 2021.  


#1) Look for open positions in growing industries. 

Trends and worldwide events like COVID-19 can change the need and demand in specific industries. As you look for a new job, focus on industries that are growing. Look for positions in thriving fields such as technology, healthcare, ecommerce, customer service, and renewable energy. Discover more growing industries with CareerSource Central Florida


#2) Update your resume. 

Anytime you want to change careers, start by updating your resume. Add recent work experience and accomplishments to bring your resume up-to-date. Feature job experience that is in-demand and aligns with the position you seek. If you don’t have relevant experience, highlight your top soft skills (such as leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills) that are transferable to your new career choice.   

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#3) Update your LinkedIn profile.

If you’re hoping to land a new job, revisit your LinkedIn profile and update it accordingly. Consider the type of position you are looking for, and optimize your profile to target recruiters looking to fill similar jobs. Use keywords related to your desired job and highlight experiences and projects that match the job duties. 

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#4) Get prepared for virtual interviews. 

Due to the pandemic, many initial interviews (even for non-remote jobs) are conducted online. Polish your skills at being interviewed online. Create a professional backdrop, make sure you have the right video equipment, and perform a few mock interviews with family or friends. 

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#5) Let your network know you’re looking for a new job. 

Reach out to people you know and let them know you are in the job market. Also, diversify the network you reach out to. Don’t just let your college friends know. Also, talk to your parent’s friends or past colleagues and bosses. The more people you can reach in different groups, the better your chances will be to find an opportunity.  


#6) Create a professional web presence. 

In the digital age, many recruiters and hiring managers search for information about a candidate before hiring them. Make sure you have a professional web presence for them to find. 

  • Clean up your social media profiles to remove any offense or controversial content. 
  • Optimize your social media profiles to include content about the industry you want to move into. 
  • Consider publishing articles about your industry and launching a portfolio website.  


#7) Advance your hard skills. 

When you learn new skills, you open yourself up to more opportunities. If you are looking to land a new job in 2021, consider how you can learn a new hard skill to increase your hire-ability. Learn more about how CareerSource Central Florida can help you gain new skills through scholarship training programs 


#8) Improve your soft skills. 

Don’t stop at learning new hard skills. Also, focus on improving your soft skills, which are personal habits or traits that influence the way you work. Soft skills are becoming more and more in demand in the workplace so work on honing skills such as leadership, creativity, communication, attitude, and emotional intelligence.   


#9) Take care of yourself. 

Looking for a new job can be challenging. It can be even more challenging in 2021 while navigating the new work landscape brought on by COVID-19. As you go through the process, take time to care for yourself (eat right, exercise, get rest, etc.) so you can be the best version of yourself when showing up for interviews — and your first day.


#10) Get help with landing a new job in 2021. 

Landing a new job is easier when you have help. If you are looking to land a new job in 2021, get support from CareerSource Central Florida. We offer career coaching, workshops, and assistance with job training that can help you take the right steps to find a new career this year. 

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