Interview Etiquette Tips: 8 Guidelines to Help You Get the Job

two women discussing interview etiquette tips

Going into a job interview can be nerve-wracking — but it doesn’t have to be when you know proper interview etiquette to guide you smoothly through the process. When you know what to expect and how to act, you can go into an interview calm, prepared, confident, and ready to get the job!  

8 Interview Etiquette Tips to Help You Get the Job  

Use these  etiquette tips to nail your next job interview.  


#1) Arrive ten to fifteen minutes early. 

Always get there early — but not too early. You don’t want to be late or show up too far in advance of your scheduled time. Arrive ten to fifteen minutes before your interview time. (If you’re doing a remote virtual job interview, log in five minutes early.) 


Pro Tip: If you are going to an interview site, test the trip the day before. Go to the site at the same time as you would for your interview so you can factor in any traffic delays. (If you’re doing a virtual interview, test your computer requirements the day before to make sure you have what you need to easily log in.)   


#2) Wear the right attire.  

Part of interview etiquette is wearing appropriate attire.  Even if the job is at a casual company, stick to professional clothing options such as a suit, shirt and tie, and dress pants. Avoid wearing anything too flashy or distracting.  

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#3) Turn off your phone, and keep it in your pocket.   

Keep your phone out of sight from the time you walk into the building. Silence your ringer and turn off notifications so you aren’t distracted by buzzing in your pocket. Avoid checking your phone, even while waiting in the reception area or for your interviewer to walk into the room.  


#4) Know names. 

As part of your interview prep, memorize the names of each person you’ll meet, as well as their titles and what they do at the company. The last thing you want to do is forget the name of the person interviewing you. Memorize names, and use them while greeting and talking to each interviewer. 


#5) Display confident, polite body language.  

Your body language can say as much as your words. A part of interview etiquette is displaying open, friendly, and natural body language.  

  • Smile. 
  • Firmly shake hands. 
  • Don’t cross your arms.  
  • Maintain good eye contact.  
  • Keep your shoulders back and chin up.  
  • Don’t fidget or look around the room.  
  • Keep your feet off the furniture.  
  • Place your feet flat or cross your ankles.  
  • Take a seat when the interviewer does. 
  • Nod your head, lean in, and show the other person you are listening.   

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#6) Be prepared to both answer and ask questions. 

Most people go into a job interview ready to answer questions, but many fail to ask questions. A great job interview isn’t a one-sided conversation. It allows you to answer questions as well as ask questions that can help you learn more about the company and the role. Impress job interviewers by showing up with a few thoughtful, prepared questions.  


#7) Bring extra copies of your resume. 

Bringing extra copies of your resume is great interview etiquette because it can help the person or people interviewing you. If they don’t have your resume in front of them, you can quickly hand one over. Also, if the interview is going well and the interviewer wants you to meet other people in the office, you will have extra copies to distribute if needed. 


Pro Tip: Store your resume copies in a professional folder or document case. Also, bring any relevant portfolio samples that show off your expertise related to the open position.   


#8) Follow up with a thank you.  

Once you walk out of an interview, your work isn’t done. The final step in showing good interview etiquette is following up with a “thank you” note. Send the person or people who interviewed you an email or a simple “thank you” note within the next 24 hours.  


Pro Tip:If you have an updated LinkedIn profile, consider sending a “thank you” message through LinkedIn. It gives you an opportunity to say “thanks” as well as connect and build a lasting relationship with the interviewer.  


Exhibit Good Interview Etiquette and Get the Job 

By following these tips, you’ll exhibit the type of interview etiquette that can help you get the job.  


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