Developing a Bold Workforce Vision

Guest: Tadar Muhammad, COO of CareerSource Central Florida

Headshot of Tadar Muhammad, COO at CareerSource Central Florida
September 13, 2023 Episode 22

Pam welcomes Tadar Muhammad, not only as a podcast guest but also as the new Chief Operating Officer at CareerSource Central Florida. Tadar shares his journey from growing up on the south side of Chicago to his impactful career in workforce development. The two discuss the transformative power of workforce initiatives, the importance of community partnerships, and the vision of being bold in their approach.

From personal anecdotes about music preferences on a deserted island to the broader impact of their work on the Central Florida region, this conversation offers a blend of personal insights and professional aspirations. Join Pam and Tadar as they delve into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for CareerSource Central Florida.

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