Constructing a New Future

As a single mom in New York, working as a Medical Laboratory Assistant and pursuing a degree in Medical Technology, Debra struggled to find childcare for her son. After making the difficult decision for her son to live with her mother in Florida, Debra continued to work and go to school, visiting her son as often as she could. But the separation was taking its toll on both Debra and her son. So, leaving the security of her medical career behind, Debra moved to Florida, and started from scratch.

Despite her prior experience working in the medical field, Debra struggled to find work. Every application reached the same dead end, not hearing back or hearing they found someone more qualified. Exhausted and frustrated, Debra turned to a cursory internet search for help and found us. She was immediately connected with one of our career consultants, who took the time to evaluate Debra’s needs and interests. Instead of judgement, Debra found encouragement. Our CareerSourcers team worked with Debra every step of the way and within just 11 weeks, Debra had completed a certification training program (graduating top of her class) and accepted a job offer with a local construction company, a career path she had always been interested in, but never knew how to pursue.

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