THE BOARD SOURCE: September 2020

Veteran Success Story

North Star Strategy: Talent Solution Consultants Alex Aviles, owner and operator of Dealer Service Alternative (DSA), reached out to CSCF back in February this year. As a veteran himself, he expressed a targeted interest in hiring veterans because of the experience and work ethic that veterans tend to bring into their work performance. Fast forward […]

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Paying it Forward. Success Story

North Star Strategy:  Value Creation through Relationships Last year, we featured Delanys Aquino in a success story; she was an unemployed youth and parent, and receiving food stamps when she first came to CSCF. Delanys was receiving gas assistance to attend classes at Valencia College for a Health Science specialization in biology degree. Before she […]

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Participate. Demonstrate. Contribute. Board Engagement

North Star Strategy:  Value Creation through Relationships Board engagement is on the rise. The new West center’s entrance at the West Oaks Mall is out of this world with exciting new graphics that make people want to explore what we’re all about. Board members, Mark Wylie, Sheri Olson and Mark Havard visited CSCF’s new digs […]

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October is Manufacturing Month

North Star Strategy:  Talent Solution Consultants October is Manufacturing Month, where we recognize the value manufacturing brings to the local and state economy. Designated as one of the region’s high-growth industries, manufacturing is a high-skilled, high-wage industry. Certified skilled talent and degreed construction management programs are needed now with growth in the Central Florida area […]

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Help is Here. Outreach and Marketing Campaign Kickoff

Board Priority: Deliver Talent Solution to Ignite Potential Beginning in October, in partnership with PUSH agency, we’re launching a comprehensive outreach marketing campaign to raise awareness to help meet our short-term and long-term goals. Some of these efforts include paid advertising and a robust schedule of social media marketing promoted posts and direct mail. In […]

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Help is Here. Healthcare Careers Week October 19-23, 2020

North Star Strategy: Talent Solution Consultants We’ll be gearing up to shift gears the week of October 19-23. The entire week will be devoted to the healthcare industry and helping thousands of residents from every county enrolled in soft skills training and development. The week will end with two virtual healthcare job fairs with all […]

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