Summer Youth Program to Invest in 1,500 Young Adults

To better connect our local young adults to career prosperity, we have officially launched our 2021 Summer Youth Program. With a hybrid approach of in-person and virtual experiences, we’re preparing young adults in Central Florida for success in tomorrow’s workforce, while partnering with educators and local businesses to help ignite their potential in the early stages of their career journeys.

Investing in Central Florida’s young adults is critical as we shape tomorrow’s workforce and our future leaders.The Summer Youth Program helps young adults (ages 15-19) receive professional internships, take part in specialized career training, or gain exposure to college experiences, hands on projects and multiple career pathways in high-growth industries while earning wages and incentives.

If you know of any young adults that can benefit from this complimentary program, please encourage them to apply at

Stay tuned for more information about how to sponsor a Summer Youth Intern.