Participate. Demonstrate. Contribute. Board Engagement

North Star Strategy:  Value Creation through Relationships Board engagement is on the rise. The new West center’s entrance at the West Oaks Mall is out of this world with exciting new graphics that make people want to explore what we’re all about. Board members, Mark Wylie, Sheri Olson and Mark Havard visited CSCF’s new digs […]

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October is Manufacturing Month

North Star Strategy:  Talent Solution Consultants October is Manufacturing Month, where we recognize the value manufacturing brings to the local and state economy. Designated as one of the region’s high-growth industries, manufacturing is a high-skilled, high-wage industry. Certified skilled talent and degreed construction management programs are needed now with growth in the Central Florida area […]

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Board Members Get Engaged

There are no impending nuptials that we know of, but we are so appreciative of some board members presenting at our recent monthly company-wide staff meetings. David Sprinkle, Managing Partner with Veritas Recruiting Group, presented to CareerSourcers earlier this month on ‘being a Sherpa’ to be the best Talent Solution Consultants providing the best service […]

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Our Mid-year Scorecard Highlights

Diversify Revenue; Deliver Talent Solutions; Deliver Talent Strategies; 3 Board priorities that drive everything we do. With just two quarters left of the program year, CSCF has already achieved 56% (1,569) of our annual goal of enrolling 2500 individuals into specialized training programs within the six high-growth industries. Igniting Potential. CSCF is excelling in placing […]

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Hey, Hey, We’re Movin’ on Up!

We KNOW our CareerSourcer superheroes aim high every day. But check out these sky-high views at the new Osceola Career Center! The move to Valencia College’s CIT building is complete and we officially started seeing customers on December 23. Our Marketing, Facilities and IT staff are continuing to finalize the details on the move. Speaking […]

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What You Do Has Far Greater Impact than What You Say

We walk the walk and talk the talk. Impact matters to us and it’s being recognized. CareerSource Central Florida received $10,000 recently from the Westgate Resorts Foundation for our Youth Employment Program. The program champions opportunities tied with strengthening families and the workforce. We walk the walk and talk the talk. Impact matters to us […]

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