Heartfelt Letter of Gratitude Received from Hurricane Maria Refugee

Hurricane Maria Refugee, Carmen Rodriguez Alonso extends appreciation to the three Osceola Career Consultants that assisted her during one of her most trying times. These types of messages really affirm the purpose of CareerSource Central Florida and can serve as a reminder of just how impactful these services can be!

(Translated from Spanish)

Good morning,

I am a woman who arrived in Florida after Hurricane Maria.

I went from having literally everything a person needs and a good quality of life, to becoming homeless.  I am not ashamed; on the contrary, it helps me as motivation to continue, as our life circumstances do not make us who we are.

During the last month and a half, I have gone through a lot, from becoming homeless to taking 3 hours to travel to a place for an interview, which normally would take 14 minutes, and so on; nevertheless, I will not give up.

The purpose of this email is because I am so grateful for the assistance by Mrs. Maria Gaona, for her excellent service and collaboration in helping me with a specialized resume that would represent me and bring me the job opportunity so I can better my quality of life.

I also want to say thank you to Arlene Maza, who is my caseworker; she has been so dedicated, providing me with orientation toward my occupational employment.

And it is no less important to thank Victor Alvarez for his excellent service and collaboration toward every participant in the computer area.



Carmen Rodriguez Alonso

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