Meet Darius: How Training Saved Him from Becoming Homeless

Darius working on a powerline

Darius came to CSCF looking to turn his life around. Finding a career to support his family and avoid becoming homeless was his top priority. Darius heard about CSCF from an acquaintance who shared how CSCF provides training and job placements. He was intrigued by the recommendation and connected with a CSCF Career Consultant. Together, they developed a plan to begin his career journey.

Darius was interested in training to become an electrical line technician. He received the necessary training and got certified, but then realized he also needed a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) certification to begin applying for jobs. After earning all the needed certifications, he interviewed with Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) for a Line Technician III position — he passed the interview and was set to undergo a field test. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the field test was delayed a month. While it wasn’t an ideal situation with expenses to cover over the next month, he was then offered an internship with United Against Poverty to support his family while he waited to take the field test. A month later, he passed the field test, and he was offered the job! Thanks to the ongoing support and guidance from his Career Consultant, Darius found a career path he loves, and he is grateful for all the help that he received along the way.


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