Meet Jenein: Achieving Milestones One Step at a Time

Career paths are often presented with twists and turns along the way, but a clear goal in mind is essential to reach the finish line. U.S. Army Veteran Jenein has had several twists and turns throughout her career journey but reaching milestones one-by-one led her to find her passion for teaching. Jenein began working towards her goal and earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work, and she is working towards earning a certificate to teach special needs students and become a full-time teacher. While working towards her goal, she has also gained experience in customer service. Unfortunately, she was laid-off from her role as a Call Center Manager and needed a new source of income. The CSCF team helped Jenein tailor her resume based on her customer service experience, and she received a job offer with Bath & Body Works as a Customer Service Representative. 

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