Meet Steven: Saving Lives as an Orange County Firefighter/EMT

Steven in front of fire engine

Youth program participant Steven is living proof of the quote that says, “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” Steven’s patience, determination, and positive attitude helped him find his passion and a career path. Steven was referred to CareerSource Central Florida (CSCF) by the Orlando Medical Institute in 2019.  With the help of a CSCF Career Services Consultant, Steven received the guidance and encouragement he needed to take the next step to enroll in the Emergency Management Technician (EMT) program and earn the Florida state license.

While he was training, he discovered a new passion and decided to become a firefighter. He received the EMT state license and completed other certifications such as Certificate of Compliance with the Division of State Fire Marshall, FEMA certification, Urban Search & Rescue Structural, L180 human Factors in Wildland Fire Service, S130 & S190 Fighter training. Finding a job took some time, but he kept his hopes up. His patience paid off, and he received a job offer from the Winter Park Fire Department starting Jan. 25, 2021. “CareerSource Central Florida genuinely changed my life for the better and I can’t say thank you enough,” said Steven.

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