Single Mom Soars to New Heights

Mackenzie Varney, seeking a change for her future and the future of her young child, met with individuals that worked for Serenity Grace – a local charity that leads the homeless and disabled to self-sufficiency – who then, referred Mackenzie to our CSCF Youth Program.

As part of the youth program, participants are encouraged to take the test for Adult Basic Education (TABE) to determine their aptitudes and skill levels. Mackenzie was on board but had one barrier – no one to look after son during testing time. Extremely determined, she asked if we can allow her to take the test with her son present. We gladly accommodated her and Mackenzie was able to take the test and do extremely well.

Fast forward to now, Career Consultant Regina Spencer, has helped Mackenzie successfully enroll at Valencia College and will be starting an AS Degree program within the fast-growing healthcare industry. Mackenzie has accomplished so much within the Youth Program and she’s well on her way to a brighter future for her and her son Michael. We’re glad to be part of her success as she starts her career journey.


[Mackenzie Varney, Michael and CSCF Career Consultant Regina Spencer]


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