Summer Youth Program: Making an Informed Choice

Deciding which career path to take can be a daunting task, but signing up for the Summer Youth Program’s Explore Track helped Marvon explore all his options. The program allows students to learn about a specific career and the educational path needed to achieve that goal. Inspired by his love for animals, Marvon thought about becoming a veterinarian, but after learning more the career he decided it would not be a good fit for him. “It might look pretty on the outside, but when you do research, it’s not actually what you wanted to do,” said Marvon. However, after a field trip to a construction site, he discovered a new interest: construction and architecture. Gaining exposure to multiple career options helped Marvon figure out the right path for him. In the process, he earned a summer stipend he used to purchase a computer and save for future college expenses. “Nowadays people are saying, I do not want to go to college. I do not know what to do with my life. The Summer Youth Program helped me redirect my interests and further my education for a better future,” said Marvon. 

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