Success Stories

Do you know a Veteran?

Help our veterans transition from military service to a civilian career by inviting them to our Paychecks for Patriots events in November.

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Chris Rivera struggled in high school and couldn’t pass the required reading FCAT. Because of that, he didn’t receive the standard high school diploma. Without a diploma, he went right to work in construction. His mother never stopped encouraging him to get his GED though. She knew the future would be challenging if he didn’t get to earn his GED and she wanted better for him.

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CSCF + ORTIZ + SWEAT = A Winning Combination

Career seeker, Felix Ortiz, was unemployed when he walked into our Seminole Career center to register for our services. Career Services Consultant, Lupino Reed, worked with him on his resume and helped him to secure an internship at Board Member Richard Sweat’s company .decimal.

More on Felix’s success and writing a new chapter in his career journey…

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A Fast Track to Success

Apprenticeships are a tried-and-true training model and has been around for so long, because it works. Last year, we launched a pilot program with our business partner, The Hartford, to help streamline a career path from learning to earning.
With great pride, we’d like to share that five students have completed the apprenticeship and are working full-time at The Hartford.
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Constructing a New Future

Debra came into our office feeling defeated, but left with a new sense of hope after meeting one of our career consultants. She had moved from New York and left the security of her medical career behind to be with her son. Despite her prior experience working in the medical field, Debra struggled to find work.
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Earn, Learn, Code

Web development and computer programming is one of the fastest growing careers in today’s economy with a projected 27% growth rate by 2024. In order to equip our youth with the knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the Information Technology industry, we introduce to you… Code Skool!
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