Success Stories

Meet Darius: How Training Saved Him from Becoming Homeless

Darius working on a powerline

Darius came to CSCF looking to turn his life around. Finding a career to support his family and avoid becoming homeless was his top priority. Darius heard about CSCF from an acquaintance who shared how CSCF provides training and job placements. He was intrigued by the recommendation and connected with a CSCF Career Consultant. Together, […]

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Summer Youth Program: Making an Informed Choice

Deciding which career path to take can be a daunting task, but signing up for the Summer Youth Program’s Explore Track helped Marvon explore all his options. The program allows students to learn about a specific career and the educational path needed to achieve that goal. Inspired by his love for animals, Marvon thought about […]

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Summer Youth Program: Transforming Lives for Brighter Futures

The Summer Youth Program inspired second-time participant, Keyla, to pursue a college education. Before joining the program, Keyla was unsure about her plans after high school. Growing up with financial hardships, Keyla never thought of college as an option for the future. After pursuing two internships through the program’s Experience Track, she realized she can […]

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Summer Youth Program: Building a Foundation for the Future

Giancarlo took the first step to ignite his potential by signing up for the Summer Youth Program and exploring a career in the Information Technology field. The Accelerate Track allows students to gain experience in an industry or field they would like to explore. Since Giancarlo was a child, he enjoyed taking things apart to […]

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Help is Here: Hospitality Industry

Help is Here: Hospitality Industry hero shot; woman happy at desktop computer

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jarred Hartley lost his job in the hospitality industry. After seven months unemployed, he found a new opportunity through CareerSource Central Florida’s Help is Here program. Career Consultant Prabhjot Carrasco helped Jarred every step of the way until he secured an internship with Creative City Project. Jarred’s efforts […]

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Help is Here for Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people and businesses alike nationwide, and Central Florida is no exception. When COVID-19 hit, Blair Erickson of Sagea Technologies found his company on the brink of shutting down. Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, he reached out to CareerSource Central Florida (CSCF) for help, and things began to turnaround. CareerSourcers Axel […]

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