CSCF Collaborates, Innovates and Leads the Way to Victory

Keeping the Board, staff and local community actively engaged is no easy task but we’ve had quite an active month this past February. From Pam hosting Town Hall Meetings at all locations to CSCF receiving the Personal Empowerment Corporate Award from the Central Florida Urban League – we’ve been on the move spreading the word […]

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North Star Radiantly Illuminates CareerSource Central Florida’s Strategic Efforts

Enhanced brand positioning serves to better engage career seekers, businesses and community partners. In this second quarter video, Pam provides a look into the implementation of the Master Narrative project that equips CSCF with the necessary messages to better tell how the organization transforms businesses and creates more prosperity for the Central Florida community. With […]

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CSCF’s Mid-Year Performance Overall Scores Big!

It’s halfway through the program year, and by many accounts CareerSource Central Florida (CSCF) is trending well in meeting the Board’s priorities. In fact, by the end of the second quarter, CSCF has invested slightly more than 50% of the $10.3M funds earmarked for training programs. Although the bulk of these investments fell within the […]

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