Help is Here. An Exciting New Partnership

With another wave of hospitality workers laid off or furloughed expected to increase to 75,000 in the coming weeks, we’re getting ready. We recognize that a large portion of those affected will have a language barrier that will prevent them from getting back to work quickly – workers with largely transferable skills for the healthcare industry.
UCF Global’s international language consortium works with individuals from all over the world offering English-language classes of varying levels. In a new partnership, UCF Global will also be offering occupational English classes and we’ll be helping to place some of the affected Help is Here customers into those classes. Additionally, they currently have nearly 600 orange county residents ready to ‘graduate’ from the Level 8 English classes who are ready for training, career or internship placements – and that’s where CSCF comes in.
Far beyond the short-term Help is Here goal of getting Orange County residents back to work, this new partnership with UCF Global provides new and exciting opportunities for a stronger relationship.