A Fast Track to Success

Last year, our organization partnered with The Hartford – a financial services company – to launch an apprenticeship program for associate level students at Seminole State College. This program became the first U.S. based Registered Apprenticeship program in insurance – proving that apprenticeships can be ideal for growing talent in a range of professions and skilled trades.

The apprenticeship is designed for students to take classes for an associate degree while concurrently working at The Hartford, where they receive on-the-job training. As their skills advance, so does their pay. Upon completion of the program, all students are offered full-time employment with great benefits. To date, we’ve successfully graduated a total of five students, whom are all working at The Hartford, and seven more are slated to graduate in spring 2020.

Hartford Apprenticeship graduate, Alisa Popillo, says “This is the best opportunity that has presented itself to me in all of my schooling and career. The training is extensive and thorough; in the short months I have been here, I have learned so much and feel so incredibly proud to be a part of this program.

Alisa Popillo at her work station performing responsibilities of a Customer Care Analyst in training at The Hartford