Board Members Take Initiative to get First-Hand CSCF Experience

Debbie Clements, Community Relations Manager for Duke Energy, and Andrew Albu, President of Albu & Associates have both participated in the job shadowing experience at our career centers. They were able to shadow our career and business consultants during their daily routines, as well as do an on-site tour of one of our community business partners.

We encourage all Board Members to sign up for this interactive experience. You are guaranteed to develop a more in-depth understanding of CSCF’s career centers and learn how our career and business consultants are demonstrating CSCF’s values during their interactions with career seekers and businesses. When asked about greatest take-aways from their visit, Debbie Clements responded “(This) reinforces our purpose. Frontline staff have a lot of passion for their work.”
If you are interested in signing up for this board engagement activity, please email Kristine Concepcion, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, at!