Can You Dig It? – Discovering Success in Osceola

Soon after relocating to Orlando from Chicago with no job and a family to support, Derrick Holman made his way to CSCF, where he and his son met with Virginia Patterson, Osceola Career Consultant.

Virginia provided the Holmans an overview of CSCF services and opportunities, as well as some information about Valencia College’s Heavy Equipment program, in which the elder Holman was very interested.

While he waited for the next available class to begin, Derrick looked for other work to no avail; however, he also spent some time preparing at the Osceola Center’s Hub, and helped enroll his son in our Career Conextions youth program there.

When the Heavy Equipment program resumed, Derrick made sure he was a part of it. He worked hard and excelled in his studies, becoming one of the top performers in the program. He did so well that he was the graduating class speaker and completed his program with honors.

After graduation, Derrick got a job at JR Davis Construction as a laborer, and within weeks was filling in for the foreman when he went on vacation. As of today, he is on a major project as a heavy equipment operator, and is considering taking the next step along his career path by returning to school at Valencia College to earn his A.S. degree in Construction Technology.

Derrick’s determination to complete his program, becoming a mentor to his classmates, and keeping his commitment make him someone CSCF won’t soon forget.