CareerSource Central Florida Receives $10,000 Grant from Duke Energy

CSCF has received a grant in the amount of $10,000 from Duke Energy as part of the power company’s foundation to “build powerful communities.” The Duke Energy Foundation awards over $30 million in charitable grants each year as part of its commitment to make strategic investments that build powerful communities where nature and wildlife thrive, students can excel, and a talented workforce drives economic prosperity for all.

The grant will be coupled with in-kind services provided by CSCF to create “Prep for Power,” a free, two-week Construction and Skilled Trades (CAST) test prep program. Thirty job-seekers in underserved populations who have a proven interest in the power technician field will be selected to participate.

The newly-created, customized curriculum will align with the specific needs of the electric power industry and include both hands-on and classroom training components, as well as test-taking strategies and tutoring to help students successfully pass the test and proceed into a defined career path. CSCF will work with power industry subject matter experts and educators to create a curriculum that meets employer needs and ensures participants are equipped to pass the CAST test required to gain entry into this career path.

As electricity continues to power our lives, it also powers incredible career opportunities that come with higher wages and career paths to even greater success. CSCF’s plan is to grow the program and eventually enroll more students throughout the year, thus empowering more jobseekers, filling the needs of CAST industry employers and reducing per-person program costs.

“Prep for Power” is part of an over-arching strategy that helps connect participating students with Valencia College’s Electric Power Technician course, where they will gain industry knowledge, training, specific certifications, and enhance their employability.

CSCF continues to pipeline careers by assessing the needs of career seekers and businesses and strategically craft innovative methods to obtain success. Partners like Duke Energy allow CSCF to continue the vision of making Central Florida the best destination for talent.