Christmas Arrives Early for Single Mother at Osceola Center

Kiana Rodriguez, a young, single mother working with the Career Conextions youth program, obtained employment at HomeGoods. Kiana was very excited to start working, and has shown great commitment to being successful in this job. The fact that she has no vehicle, and public transportation is not available during her shift, didn’t slow her down at all – she had been walking to and from work every night.

Kiana’s Career Conextions career coach, Rhonda El Sheimy, was both happy and concerned for her safety. Not content to leave her without options, Rhonda began asking her Osceola teammates for suggestions on how to help Kiana. Enter Mr. Ken Deendyal, Osceola’s Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program Specialist (DVOPS)
Ken showed up to work one morning soon after with a bike that he donated – to ensure Kiana makes it to and from work. He even added a chain and extra lights to ensure she can see, and be seen, at night.

Not only is Kiana overjoyed and grateful, but Rhonda and the entire team are appreciative of Ken’s compassion, kindness, and selflessness. What shining examples of going above and beyond!