CSCF Receives Angelic Praise from New Business Client

We would like to send a huge thanks to our business consultant team. This glowing review is a direct result of hard work, patience and dedication to their job.

Hi Yara,

I wanted to tell you that we have had a great experience with our current partnership with CareerSource [Central Florida]. It has been a pleasure working with you coordinating Fairs, getting great candidates, and the communication has always been clear and understandable. You are very professional and detailed orientated. Our Partnership has indeed improved; in fact, we have also started partnerships with CareerSource in Polk County and Brevard with your assistance. As of 04/05/2019, we have offered permanent employment to several candidates and will have five more offers in the next month via direct hire or OJT. One of the Interns, Estefan Lafontaine, will be promoted to another position and move forward via OJT. CareerSource has been wonderful in aiding our expansion in Polk County and Brevard. We are very grateful for the opportunities for all internships as well here in Orlando. I would also like to bring in five Mental Health Therapists at $35.00 per hour through the OJT program to support or growth.


Valerie Santiago, MBA