From Zero Income to More Than $32,000 per year

Often times, the journey to success is a long and winding road- but there is always a median and/or shoulder that offers safe passage around or through the trouble.

Suzanne Van Bibber, Lake Business Consultant, worked with Noe Agudelo, Lake Career Consultant, who presented her the resume of Tracy Chancey in September for a clerical opportunity that happened to be an internship with Lassiter-Ware, one of the area’s largest providers of workers’ compensation insurance.

Tracy had been looking for work since 2016 on her own, having encountered many speedbumps along the way. CSCF offered her a shoulder, and so she came into our Career Hub in late August of this year. She needed resume help, which Noe provided, and she applied for several jobs that happened to not pan out.

When the internship for Lassiter-Ware opened up, it seemed a perfect fit, and Tracy went to work. Soon thereafter, an accounting position became available. Tracy had accounting experience and a need for insurance, which led the company to offer her a position – before the end of her internship – as an Accounting Assistant earning $16.75 an hour, plus health benefits.

Bringing this full circle, the employer asked the Lake team to create another opportunity for a second intern, which they are currently sourcing – for the right “second” person for this business!