IBUILD Lays Foundation for Construction Careers

The 2019 IBUILD Invitational created a space for local organizations to connect with the public to provide pathways to careers in construction. Hosted at West Orange Technical School Mid-Florida Campus, a team of our staff – Edgar Martinez, Frederico Rodriguez, Terrence Hightower & Edgar Martinez – attended to provide valuable information about careers in construction and how individuals can complete training and be connected to sustainable, higher wage jobs in the industry.

This half-day event included a construction job fair, skills competitions in specialties like Carpentry, Plumbing, HVAC and Welding and then concluded with keynote speakers sharing their expertise in the industry.

In an industry expected to grow 14,000 jobs by 2025, finding skilled construction workers is a challenge that many local organizations, like ourselves, have committed to combating. Apprenticeships, informational sessions, workshops and proper industry education are some of the core bricks that lay the foundation for the construction pipeline in the future and the Central Florida community is making great strides to bridge the gap between careers in construction and skilled workers.