Three Months In and New Business Partner “Leaps” with Excitement!

West business consultant, James Crim, received this amazing and heartfelt testimonial from a very satisfied business customer, Marc McDonald, COO of Leap With Alice. Leap with Alice leverages emerging technologies to reimagine how we view education. It provides free EdTech tools to create a world where students learn through innovation and educators earn through imagination.

“My company has been using CareerSource [Central] Florida for just over three months, and it has been a complete game-changer. Scaling an early-stage company is often one of the most difficult challenges when starting a business. Alleviating that challenge, CareerSource [Central] Florida provides incredible resources for employers.

We’ve been able to find outstanding talent, giving us the ability to take on additional projects and generate additional revenue. Further, James Crim has been an outstanding representative to guide us through the process. His knowledge and communication skills have made finding top tier talent efficient and easy.

We’ve strongly recommended CareerSource [Central] Florida (and James) to all of our partnering companies, and highly recommend all companies pursue their resources.”

-Marc McDonald, COO of Leap With Alice