Youth Program Participant Heats up in His New Job at Grand Bohemian Downtown

Gabriel Aponte joined CSCF’s Youth program to get guidance in gaining employment. During his time in the youth program, the CSCF team helped Gabriel enroll in Second Harvest’s Culinary Training Program – due to his passion for cooking – to help pursue a sustainable career in the food industry.

Engaged and motivated, Gabriel excelled in learning every aspect of the foodservice industry from inventory and cost control, staffing and training, to production in a high-volume kitchen through banquet and catering operations, while developing a recipe portfolio to use during job interviews.

Gabriel also gained valuable “hands-on” experience while assisting in meal prep and catered events in Second Harvest’s production kitchen during lab time with a team of award-winning chefs.

With his newly-acquired knowledge and enhanced skills, Gabriel graduated from the culinary training program and recently secured a foodservice position at the Grand Bohemian Downtown Orlando. CSCF is proud of his hard work and dedication, and excited to share the news of his success in and out of the classroom!