Becoming an Industry Leader Doesn’t Happen by Chance

CareerSource Central Florida (CSCF) has evolved from a reactive and transactional approach to being data-driven and strategic in all that it does. CSCF uses workforce intelligence to anticipate the talent needs of the community, and it places CSCF squarely in a position to make a difference for the more than 20,000 career seekers and the 1,600 businesses it has served so far through the end of the second quarter.

Data Drives Success

By refining its measurement strategies, CSCF gained clearer insights on the impact of its efforts with a newly developed Scorecard. This new Scorecard creates unique intelligence that guides the next steps the organization should take in order to achieve its goals.

Garnering these insights has led to enhanced programs and strategies that will ultimately yield stronger results. For instance, CSCF’s impact model was revised at the last board meeting so funds can be delegated based on actual industry demands due to the data analyzed through the Scorecard.

In fact, other programs are becoming more robust, expanding CSCF’s reach to potential career seekers and businesses.  For instance, the summer youth program will be expanding by offering three unique tracks, which will not only attract new youth but help them see the career path options in construction and technology.

Leading Innovation

In addition to becoming more strategic, CSCF leadership constantly analyzes processes for efficiency and takes the lead in innovation. For example, there was a need to resolve a systemic communications issue across all five career centers, so CSCF deployed a centralized Contact Center for better handling of the over 30,000 monthly incoming calls.

These innovative tactics have positioned CSCF as a workforce leader in the community, which has led to new opportunities to share best practices that will help spearhead progression in the workforce industry.

This new platform to share ideas, address issues, further organization development and provide guidance to sister-boards across the nation has come into fruition by partnering with several organizations – both on local and national levels – such as National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP), National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) and United States Conference of Mayors (USCM).

Striving for Excellence

Along with sharing best practices and becoming a thought leader, CSCF has also taken the initiative of enhancing overall organizational systems and processes by applying the Florida Sterling model. Through this program, CSCF improves leadership and management systems to develop the business acumen.

Florida Sterling Council teaches a comprehensive systems approach to managing an organization, assessing practices and developing feedback to focus improvement efforts that maximize success. Since implementing, Director of Operations, Bradley Collor has completed Corbin Leadership training and Veterans Program Manager, Annmarie O’Brien and DEO HR Manager, Joe Patton, have both completed the Regional Leadership Forum’s Leadership for Life programs in December – all of which are creating a stronger bench to lead CSCF forward.

Annmarie O’Brien’s Leadership for Life Award
Annmarie O’Brien’s Leadership for Life Award

Trusted Mavens

These personal and professional development opportunities have been a top priority at CSCF … so much that it has led to numerous recognitions and awards in honor of its leaders’ successes.

President and CEO, Pam Nabors, was recently recognized by the Orlando Business Journal as a top CEO and has been requested to become a mentor during its Mentoring Monday event. Pam has also been recognized for her significant contributions to the community at the 2019 Urban League Gala. Additionally, Director of Business Intelligence, Nilda Blanco, was the recipient of the Sar Levitan Research Award at the 2018 NAWDP Annual Conference for her excellence in data and research practices.

Although CSCF executives possess almost 100 years of combined workforce experience, they continue to improve and merge individual expertise to further advance the organization and maintain CSCF’s position as industry leader.

Pam Nabors’ Mentoring Monday Snippet on Biz Journal’s website
Pam Nabors’ Mentoring Monday Snippet on Biz Journal’s website