Innovation Comes from Within

We have been working diligently toward our North Star and this endeavor requires us to constantly challenge ourselves to create new and innovative ways to better serve our career seekers and businesses.

Earlier this program year, our Board and executive team worked with RIDG to help identify and structure our North Star Visioning to refocus us for the future and create the roadmap on how we get there. This Instant Innovator training is another path on that roadmap. Empowering every CareerSourcer to be problem-solvers and innovate is imperative to embracing a culture of collective impact. It’s the difference between ideas and action.

This training will be instrumental in helping our organization move towards earning the Governors Sterling’s Award in 2020 for having processes and procedures in place that impact strong results and show continuous improvement and innovation.

By the end of the Instant Innovator Training, our CareerSourcers will have a new sense of empowerment to contribute and implement new ideas. We’re optimistic that by unlocking each CareerSourcer’s intrinsic value, we’ll maximize our organization’s potential and create deeper impact for our community.