Our Mid-year Scorecard Highlights

Diversify Revenue; Deliver Talent Solutions; Deliver Talent Strategies; 3 Board priorities that drive everything we do. With just two quarters left of the program year, CSCF has already achieved 56% (1,569) of our annual goal of enrolling 2500 individuals into specialized training programs within the six high-growth industries.

Igniting Potential. CSCF is excelling in placing trained individuals into sustainable employment at an average wage of $15 per hour. Sectors leading the way with higher wages include the Manufacturing sector with an average wage of $17.03 per hour followed closely by IT and Finance with an average wage of $16.65 per hour.

We’re on target at the mid-way point in two important goals – 62% (24,111) career seekers were served (goal is 40,000) and of those, 56% (13,500) engaged with our services (goal is 25,000).
By the end of the second quarter, we have utilized nearly 57% of our training investment funds. We’re doing a fantastic job of placing individuals trained in the Healthcare sector, reaching 100% of the goal and are using the scorecard to assist us with continually evaluating and assessing our performance.

To drive the biggest impact for these training investments, CSCF maintains partnerships with local educational institutions to offer training programs that meet projected workforce demands. At the mid-year mark, 1,156 individuals have completed CSCF supported training programs – approximately 50% toward the annual organizational goal.

This success is a result of expanding CSCF’s business clients and working with them to create enhanced opportunities for career seekers. At the end of Q2, CSCF has served over 1,400 businesses – with approximately 400 of those being new business customers.

Mid-year Scorecard Highlights graphic